Fanzine 10x15

Images of Bolivian Photo Studio project have been selected to be part of issue 18 of 10x15 magazine. They will appear along with the works of Germán Gómez, Hee Seung Chung, Joel de las Heras, Karl Baden, Jim Naughten, Jose Luis Cuevas, Jorge Fuembuena, Ahree Lee, Ronald Leong, Verónica Fieiras, Bergaz Mouren, Hélène, Laurent Champoussin, Tomás Zarza Núñez and Les Slesnick.

Some of the images will also be exhibited at the Kursala gallery during the summer, a venue devoted to Spanish contemporary photography in Cádiz, Spain.

Aulario La Bomba
Paseo Carlos III, 3
11003 Cádiz