Farhana at the CGaC

Farhana will be shown as part of Edita: Secuencia/ Sentido, curated by Miguel von Hafe Pérez at the Galician Centre for Contemporary Art (CEGAC) along with the work of Patricia Almeida, Tono Arias, David Barreiro, André Cepeda, Dispara, Luis Díaz Díaz, Antonio Julio Duarte, José Pedro Cortes, Fabulatorio, Ghost, Xosé Lois Gutiérrez, Jesús Madriñán, Tono Mejuto, André Príncipe, Simona Rota, São Trindade and Pierre von Kleist.
The exhibition will run from 6th March to 14th June 2015 in Santiago de Compostela.

Farhana in La maleta de Portbou

Farhana is in the March/ April issue of La maleta de Portbou.

Farhana in Fotografía 2.0

Farhana will be part of a group exhibition curated by Joan Fortcuberta from 4th June to 31st August in Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, during the official program of Photoespaña festival.

"Photography 2.0 explores the changes taking place in Spanish photography in the context of mass image production, globalization and post-capitalism. Joan Fontcuberta surveys the work of around twenty photographers born after 1970 who share a critical view of the new situation. The earliest photographers grew up in the visual culture of painting; later generations took cinema—and then TV—as their visual reference. Now Internet has burst onto the scene as a universe that shapes contemporary perspectives. A universe characterised by an endless flow of images.
This mass production of photographs may be regarded as an effect of post-capitalism and globalization, prompted by a succession of technological and cultural innovations. The new context has rewritten the rules of the image game. The values of “solid” photography underpinned by the techno-scientific culture and the industrial economy of the nineteenth century have been replaced by those of “liquid” photography, based on the virtual culture and information economies of the twenty-first century. Photography 2.0 focuses on these changes through an examination of the situation in Spain, where a whole new wave of young photographers are currently engaged in a critical appraisal of the new situation. 
The exhibition comprises three sections. The first addresses the banalisation of the photographic act, the cortex of reality shows, unbridled voyeurism and loss of privacy. The second session looks at formulations of social identity, biographical narratives and personal fictions, in the light of new digital tools. The final section explores the “technological unconscious” of post-photography, the accidents and fissures that are artistically recycled to provide an innovative aesthetic vocabulary."

Farhana in Crónica21

Both Farhana and Hothouse are part of Crónica21, an on-line archive of documentary stories and analysis about the economic, political and social crisis in Spain, from 2008 to the present. 

Farhana in 30y3

Happy to see Farhana in 30y3, a platform curated by Luis Díaz Díaz and Iñaki Domingo showcasing the work of contemporary Spanish photographers.

The Gathering

It was very good to have participated in Rhubarb Rhubarb's The Gathering event at Diemar/ Noble Gallery in London last March. They still have many great images available to buy from their website that will help support their future reviews and activities.


Two images of the El Alto series are being part of the last issue of EFE24 magazine entirely dedicated this time to portraiture. 

Untill 2006 ID cards and birth certificates in Bolivia were a rare commodity that only privileged individuals living close to an issuing facility could afford to have. When I was granted permission to access the ID facility in this police archive in El Alto I was very interested in showing how women, men and children were able to control their own representation in front of the police officer in charge of taking these pictures.

Landscape Stories: The Colour of Memory

The Colour of Memory is the title of Landscape Stories’ current issue and it's now online. A set of twelve landscapes belonging to the Hothouse series have also been included in this online magazine, a great showcase of personal photographic explorations.

Anthropocene - National Geographic Magazine

One of the images belonging to the Hothouse series has been included in the March issue of National Geographic magazine. The feature, Age of Man, has been written by Elisabeth Kolbert and discusses the term Anthropocene, a new name for a our current geological epoch defined by the massive impact of human activities on the Earth's ecosystems.

A gallery with all the images included in this article can be seen in here.

Prix Pictet Nomination

Hothouse has been longlisted for the 2010 Prix Pictet that during this year's edition will be looking at issues related to Growth. A final selection of works for exhibition will be announced later in November.

Fanzine 10x15

Images of Bolivian Photo Studio project have been selected to be part of issue 18 of 10x15 magazine. They will appear along with the works of Germán Gómez, Hee Seung Chung, Joel de las Heras, Karl Baden, Jim Naughten, Jose Luis Cuevas, Jorge Fuembuena, Ahree Lee, Ronald Leong, Verónica Fieiras, Bergaz Mouren, Hélène, Laurent Champoussin, Tomás Zarza Núñez and Les Slesnick.

Some of the images will also be exhibited at the Kursala gallery during the summer, a venue devoted to Spanish contemporary photography in Cádiz, Spain.

Aulario La Bomba
Paseo Carlos III, 3
11003 Cádiz

British Journal of Photography April 2010

Six images of the Hothouse series are being featured in the British Journal of Photography this month. The section in which the images appear is devoted to project and commissioned work. It highlights also the photography of Simon Norfolk, Klauss Thymann, Iveta Vaivode, Robert Voit and Toby de Silva. The accompanying text is by Julian Lass.


Descubrimientos PHE Madrid 2010

I have been selected to participate in Descubrimientos PHE during June 2010. Descubrimientos, the PHotoEspaña juried portfolio review, offers 70 photographers the chance to present their work to an international panel of curators and editors and to exhibit in a group show as part of the Official Section of the Festival.

The Black Snapper - Week curated by Kate Edwards

Images from the Bolivia and the Greenhouse projects have been selected to take part in The Black Snapper during the week curated by Kate Edwards of The Guardian Weekend. Concurrently in the blog Rhonda Wilson and Lorna-Mary Webb, organizers of the Rhubarb International Review, are also showcasing my work along with that of other photographers who participated in the review this year in Birmingham.

Each day The Black Snapper presents a new photographer chosen by one of the different weekly guest curators. My work is due to appear online at The Black Snapper's homepage and blog sections today Friday, 18th of September. The Black Snapper is a project of designer Frank Kloos and documentary photographer Diederik Meijer, both based in Amsterdam. You can also visit the archive section, where the photographers' previously displayed works are stored.

Lens Culture

A selection of 20 images belonging to the Almería greenhouse fields project is being shown in the September-October volume of Lens Culture, a great online magazine featuring international contemporary photography. This current issue includes the works of Dana Popa, Tessa Bunney, Maarigje de Maar, Peter Ainsworth, Edmund Clark, Karen Glaser, Simon Roberts, Leandro Piñeiro, Ara Güler and Abbas among others. Also, the visual and audio archives are worth a serious browsing.

Annual Foto8 Summer Show 2009

One of the prints belonging to the Almería greenhouse project will be exhibited at the Second Annual Foto8 Awards & Summer Show 2009, a photographic award, exhibition and print fair.

The show will take place at Foto8's gallery HOST and will stay until Saturday 5th September.

Host Gallery
1-5 Honduras Street
London EC1Y 0TH

+44 (0)20 7253 8801

Du Magazine July Issue 2009 - Das Plastikmeer

A selection of 16 images belonging to the Almería greenhouse fields project are being featured in the July issue of DU, a German-speaking Swiss magazine. The accompanying text is by Albert Kuhn. It also features photography from Jan von Holleben (cover picture), Markus Buehler Rasom and Thomas Herbrich; articles by Michael Böhm, Sacha Verna and Harald Welzer; and interviews with Richard Powers, Hildegard Elisabeth Keller, Harald Welzer, Mathias Plüss and Andris Nelsons.

Foto8 Spring Issue 2009

A selection of seven landscapes belonging to the Almería greenhouse fields series has been published in the Spring issue of Foto8 magazine, devoted this time to the concept of Soil. The accompanying text is by Guy Lane. Also featuring the photographic works of Simon Roberts, Chris Killip, Adam Patterson, Cedric Gerbehaye, Peyman Hooshmanzadeh, Muge, Chloe Sells, Aaron Schuman, The Side Archive, Ghaith Abdul Ahad and David Gray (cover picture). It includes poems of Alexander Theroux and interviews with Michael Nyman, Geert van Kesteren, Jeff Ladd, Peter Beaumont and Jen Bekman.

Photofusion AMPS 2008

Four images of the Bolivian ID series will be part of AMPS/08, the Annual Members Photographic Show at Photofusion in Brixton. They will be exhibited along with the works of photographers Maria Bellido, Anne Berndt, Anthony Bowater, Rob Ison, Amanda Lockhart, Tom Lovelace, Oliver Martin, Andrei Meredith, Toby Smith, Thomas Stewart, Jan Stradtmann and Gesche Wuerfel. A catalog of the exhibition will be made available at Blurb.

Annual Members Photographic Show
28 November 2008 - 9 January 2009

For further information about the exhibition please email gallery@photofusion.org or telephone 020 7738 5774.

17a Electric Lane
London SW9 8LA